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If you are looking for diving courses or diving camps in Tenerife, read on!

Sometimes we forget that the ocean occupies a large part of our planet, housing a whole world to be discovered just under the water.

The coasts of Tenerife have a great marine biodiversity, hosting a special conservation area for cetaceans and sebadales, whose purpose is to ensure the long-term survival of the most endangered species and natural habitats in Europe. Whether you have already dived or it is your first time, we assure you tha it will be an experience you will never forget.

Are you ready to discover our experiences and the diving camps?

From Endless Summer we want your diving experience to be unforgettable. Discover all the courses and adventures we have to offer, as well as our diving camp packs to make your experience complete.

The Diving Camps

We have different options of diving packages to make your holiday an unforgettable experience! 

We have made this packages depending on your experience. Packs if you have never dived before to introduce you to this wonderful underwater world, to our Master Diving pack where you even get an SSI Advanced course certificate.
Download the pdf to see all the options we can offer you, and what each pack includes!

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The courses

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In addition to the packs in which you can enjoy the experience of discovering Tenerife from the bottom of the sea, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to obtain one of the following certifications. If you are looking to make diving your profession, keep looking at the diving courses we offer you!

A one day experience for beginners. It starts with a 45 minutes lesson, where we explain the basics of scuba diving equipment and everything you need to enjoy scuba diving safely. After the theory lesson, we will do some practice exercises at shallow depths to make sure you feel comfortable and safe to start the dive. The first dive can be made to a maximum depth of 6 metres. The dive lasts about 45 minutes.

It lasts 3 days, and is designed specifically for beginners so no previous experience is required. At the end of the course you will obtain the international Open Water Diver certification, which will enable you to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18 metres. International SSI certification for life.

The course consists of theory classes, in-water training sessions and a total of 4 dives (5 dives in total but the first dive does not officially count as it is a shallow dive). The itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Class + shallow water training session.

Day 2: Class + 2 dives

Day 3: 2 boat dives and at the end you will have to take a short exam to get your certification.

This is the second level of certification, following the Open Water. It has a duration of 2 days and a total of 5 dives. This is a very practical course, with no theory classes. The dives include a deep dive to 30 metres, a visit to a wreck (El Condesito in Los Cristianos) and a night dive ( if conditions permit).

At the end of this course you will obtain the Advanced certification which will allow you to dive to a depth of 30 metres.

This course is conducted in 1 day and is a requirement for the Rescue course. It teaches how to deal with emergency situations that may occur related or unrelated to diving.

The Rescue Diver course lasts 2 days and consists of theory classes and practical sessions in the sea, both on the surface and underwater. At the end of the course you will obtain the Rescue Diver certification, which is a requirement for the professional level courses (Divemaster and Dive Instructor).

This is a professional level course that lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. It is a mandatory step for those who want to become diving instructors. In this course you learn to guide groups of divers, plan dives according to the level of the divers to be guided, and many other things. As a Divemaster you can work in dive centres leading dives of already certified divers.

Divemasters cannot teach diving, since to teach you must be a Dive Instructor.

The Instructor course takes 2 weeks to complete, and prepares the student to sit for the SSI Instructor Examination.

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Much more

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with our surfcamps in the hands of professionals and with the best accommodation!

Another way to take away an experience of a lifetime. A 360º view of Tenerife, from the air. We have different flight points. Check it out!


And many more activities! Some of them completely free! Every week we organise new excursions, barbecues, don’t miss it!